Quality Of Ion Gun– Advance Tech

The Ion Gun is  a trusted tool to get rid of fixes in the electronics, plastics, chemicals, printing, tex-tile, optical and likewise various other markets. Utilizing AC Square Wave Technology, the SCION IN1200 gives consistent streams of ionized air that swiftly eliminates fixed fee.

The Ion Gun consists of a distinct wind resistant design that ionizes a city without interrupting laminar circulation. The versatile ion bar can be adjusted for the optimum effectiveness in a range of applications with a very easy push-button control. Readily readily available in 4 various dimensions: 12″, 22″, 44″ as well as additionally 64″

Air Conditioning stability with DC control

A/C Square Wave ionization innovation uses bipolar emitters which use both positive and unfavourable ions. This triggers much less tension on the emitter factors, compared to Pulsed DC ionizing bars. Pulsed AC emitter points last much longer along with keeping cleaner in addition to providing more constant ionization.

A/c Square Wave ion bars are additionally trusted than typical A/C ionizers which are repaired at 60Hz as well as beneficial only in close target distance or when integrated with considerable air-flow.

Benefits of the ion Gun

Ac Unit Square Wave ion bars are additionally a lot more efficient than conventional A/C ionizers which are taken care of at 60Hz along with beneficial just in close target distance or when integrated with significant air-flow.

SUCCESSOR bars supply task cycle control to provide ideal ion equilibrium and also degeneration times in a variety of problems. Ion bars permit polarity switching frequency (pulse width) control for taking full advantage of balance as well as degeneration times in several settings. Longer altering consistencies allow the ionizer to be helpful in low air movement troubles or when relocating Ion Gun to a much longer range.

Pulsed DC bars call for constant maintenance, cleaning. Favorable variables flaw swiftly, affecting balance. Negative points gather micro-debris that has to be routinely cleaned to ensure effectiveness.

Show Unit

An outside display is readily available which provides bench settings. Utilize the IN1200-D to view the current changing uniformity along with obligation cycle setups along with changing them to fit your information application. Without the display screen, a charge plate display is advised to help with bench configurations. Speak To Changing Technologies for capability.


The HEIR IN1200 includes simple E-Z area clips that glide right into grooves on the body of the ionizer. Use screws to protect the E-Z mount to the wanted area.

Upkeep Friendly Ionizer

Ion Gun includes copyrighted moulded emitter aspects that are simple to change and solution. The emitter variable is confined in a plastic mold and mildew and mildew with strings that promptly screws into the bench.

Verification in addition to Calibration:

The ionizer comes from a manufacturing facility calibrated in addition to a calibration certificate. Ionizer performance can be checked out and likewise verified with a charge plate screen. Crucial tests to do declare and also negative deterioration times and likewise ion equilibrium. It is recommended to review ionizer performance a minimum of 1 each year.

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