Select Electric Screwdriver By Advance Tech

Choosing the little bit demands design of Electric Screwdriver is primarily based upon: torque, joint terminal, screw groove measurement, screw terminal length as well as likewise size reduction needs;

Currently, the digital field is swiftly changing, an expanding variety of one-of-a-kind screws or various other screws show up on the established market. For these screws, non-standard personalized bits can please the securing needs.

Because of this, clients need to supply the little bit illustration or using the caliper to figure out the measurement of each part of the little bit. Or else, customers can straight send out the screw example to the bit manufacturer to match. The engineer will absolutely help confirm the specs of the Electric Screwdriver and choose the suitable bit to make certain manufacturing performance.

Bit selection step

1. Establish the screw measurement. If the screw is M4 (the dimension of the string element is 4MM), pick the little bit with the head dimension of 4MM.

2. Establish the measurement of the screw cap cross-patterned road.

3. Identify the depth of the screw opening. If the depth of the screw opening is 20MM, choose the bit with a size over 40MM.

Method for transforming the little bit with an Electric Screwdriver:

As one of the most typical commercial top quality devices in company assembly, the screwdriver bit is a loss device. Due to the fact that it has actually been rubbed with the screw, it needs to be transformed after a period of use.

There are 5 actions, the actions are as adheres to:

Prepare one Electric Screwdriver in addition to one φ4 little bit. 4 indicates the supervisor of the set head is a 4mm outer round handle.

Lower the shaft cap of the Electric Screwdriver with the woman’s finger, to make certain that the steel round of the card starter recuperates and the shaft core leaks out.

Put the screwdriver head down on the card positioning as well as likewise introduce the shaft cap.

Attract the puller to evaluate whether it is set up in place.

Make certain to mount the OKAY as well as after that power on the Electric Screwdriver to lock the screw.


The bit is just one of the integral parts of the Electric Screwdriver. Just by picking the matching bit and also transforming it in time can the Electric Screwdriver work efficiently. I hope this message can aid viewers.

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