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Ionised air gun

Ionizing air gun is the ideal strategy of eliminating static, impurities as well as dirt from three dimensional parts before putting together, product packaging, paint or finishing.

The Ionized Airgun or Warm gun includes a hand trigger and an ionisation head crafted right into the finger guard.

Static eliminator

Personal static eliminator neutralizes fixed discharge keeping your work space, components and also tools safe from damage. Portable design with adjustable angles allows you position exactly where needed.

  • Compact and also lightweight for mobility
  • Rotating dial conveniently adjusts follower rate to wanted rate
  • Easy to clean
  • Power intake: 30W
  • Ion equilibrium: = ± 10
  • . Coverage range: 15 3.
  • Dimensions (L) x (W) x (H): 5.5″ x 3.3″ x 8.7″.

Electrostatic field meter

This excellent quality electronic area meter is a hand held, non-contacting meter which spots as well as gauges electrostatic field meter. It is battery run and has an LCD display.

Test method: turning chopper.

Test variety: 0V – ± 160kV distance setting.

0V– 800kV/m area toughness mode.

The meter is supplied in a bring case consisting of a basing lead, 9v battery, instruction manual and also calibration certificate.

Ion Bar

The ion bar needs no calibration. Exhaust of DC steady-state offers efficient discharge. Thus the ion gets neutralized as well as gets rid of fixed accurately successfully.

Static charge removal systems

We manufacture and supply Static charge removal system with Fixed System Guard. Made using high end innovation, this system is used to eliminate all opportunities of damaging impacts on personnel as well as material, therefore assist in providing high efficiency in regards to manufacturing, quality, less guy hour and also higher profits.

India’s Ideal Industrial Electric Products online Supplier

Digital multimeter

A digital multimeter is an examination device utilized to gauge two or more electric worth’s– principally voltage (volts), current (amps) and also resistance (ohms). It is a basic diagnostic tool for professionals in the electrical/electronic markets.

Digital clamp meter

If you are seeking to buy Digital Clamp Meter online, then rejoice, for your search mores than. Advance tech services Pvt Ltd understands that it can be a tiresome procedure especially for individuals that want to see a mix of quality and fantastic rates with Digital clamp meters and also brings to you quality ended up electronic clamp meters online at spending plan prices. Clamp meters can measuring homes like regularity, capacitance, voltage, resistance, duty cycle and temperature level. They are most commonly used by electrical contractors for examining electric systems and appliances as well as likewise in troubleshooting electric concerns.

Digital Tachometer

Digital Tachometer makes use of most current technology for accurate measurements. It has unique one chip of Microcomputer LSI Circuit; it is housed in difficult ABDOMINAL MUSCLE instance & has ergonomic layout for easy holding in the hand.

Lux Meter

For this, the Lux meter must be used. To measure the light properly, a lux meter is a really appropriate tool.

Insulation Resistance Tester

Insulation starts to age as quickly as it’s made. As it ages, its shielding performance deteriorates. One of the simplest tests as well as its required examination instrument are not globally comprehended. To help remove this absence of understanding, allows talk about thoroughly Insulation Resistance tester as well as the megohmmeters.

Soldering Iron

This is a really simple repaired temp, quick home heating, 30W 110/120 VAC soldering iron. We really enjoy using the extra pricey irons, but if you actually require a low-cost iron for your device box, this wonderful iron is a good selection.

Flux cleaner

If you are preparing to have a look at several of the best in cleaning chemicals, has everything for you. The flux cleaner chemical assists in eliminating change from the soldering procedure. This helps in maintaining the circuits tidy and eliminates the diversions in the flow of current. The ULS cleaning solvent is a basic one and is used for the basic cleaning objectives particularly electric contacts.

Soldering station

Soldering station depends on the soldering station utilized, the welding torches as well as pointers, in addition to the soldering methods. Make sure you have the right devices to tackle any soldering project with our variety of soldering and desoldering stations, blowpipes, tips, conventional and also lead-free solder, hot-air rework stations and also even more. Don’t forget fume extraction devices and filters to ensure your safety and security

Desoldering station

The Digital Soldering and also Desoldering Station are a high performance as well as multi feature station for digital product research, production and revamp. We create the best soldering and desoldering services including electronic soldering station in India. Our soldering as well as desoldering station uses accurate as well as innovative temperature Control with mini controller technology. Digital calibration will be done through mini controller to stay clear of analog parts tolerances.

SMD Rework station

We offer SMD Rework Station, In order to satisfy the established top quality standards, these are manufactured utilizing the ideal quality raw product and also sophisticated innovation. Our product array additionally comprises of Soldering Station as well as Power Supply.

No clean flux

No Clean Flux are low solid (less than 5%) fluxes, particularly created for smds and also combined modern technology soldering. They are entirely non-halide, show outstanding solder ability on all sorts of board including smds, provide exceptional moistening on surface area placed elements, as well as leave no noticeable flux residue after soldering. Usually no additional cleaning is needed, however if really high ionic cleanliness is required, the deposit can be removed by solvent or saponification cleaning.

VOC free flux

VOC-free flux utilizes water as the dominant solvent. The downside of VOC-free/water-based changes is that they require even more pre-heat to drive off the water than similar alcohol-based changes.

Electric screwdriver

Select electric screwdriver from if you want to get low-cost electric screwdriver. It undertakings to supply the items that you want, supplying the most effective value. Whatever electric screwdriver styles you desire, can be easily bought.

Pneumatic screwdriver

Advance Technology solutions Pvt Ltd supplies a wide variety of pneumatic screwdriver as well as devices from leading Indian producers. All our principals are ISO 9001: 2000 accredited. We give production line production services with our series of pneumatically-driven tools for much better productivity & much less driver fatigue.

Digital screw driver

Digital screwdrivers feature an integral LCD show for practical torque readings. The systems are designed for screw tightening torque confirmation and measures in Top, Live, Peak Down and Constant Output gauging settings (selectable).

Torque meter

AdvanceTech services Pvt ltd uses a total variety of torque testers, torque analysers as well as torque meter for tool confirmation and also calibration. From fundamental analog testers to assessment grade research laboratory tools we have your torque requires covered. Don’t see what you need? Please call us relating to customized devices. Our skilled group of designers can create as well as construct a full range of custom torque gauging devices for your application.

Epoxy dispenser

Our automatic Epoxy dispenser are preferably matched for Epoxy giving applications in the electronics, medical gadget, automobile, telecommunications and also defence industries as well as for various other general manufacturing procedures.

Desoldering wick

Location the pigtail over a connection as well as warmth the contrary side with an iron. In some cases adding a small amount of solder to the iron pointer can in fact quicken the process since that solder will help the iron transfer warm right into the pigtail much faster. Cut off as well as discard the utilized wick. The only concern with utilizing desoldering wick/braid is that the elements as well as pads can conveniently end up being overheated, especially surface mount pads. As constantly, attempt to reduce the time parts are heated.

Soldering robo

After [Brian] starting marketing his very own Raspberry Pi development boards, he located himself with a need for a robotic that can solder 40-pin headers for him. He first did what lots of people could do by searching for pre-built remedies. Every little thing he discovered was either too sluggish, also large, or expenses as much as a brand-new vehicle. When he chose to just build his own soldering robo, that’s.

Solder Pots

For all the electrical professionals, digital equipment enthusiasts, college students and all who require soldering pot for wire/battery tinning or need to solder PCB’s, your quest for quality soldering pot has concerned an end.

Advance Tech Services (P) Ltd. recognizes your wish for those fine-quality steel joints and so offers you just the very best soldering pot. The soldering pots diverse online at Advance Tech Services (P) Ltd. deal a long life as it is heat resistant and also at the same time anti-corrosive alloys are made use of for manufacture.

At Advance Tech Services (P) Ltd, you will discover whatever under one roofing system, right from the conventional soldering pot to the modern-day marvels which have Digital controller or Thermostat attached to maintain the temperature of the pot. Rest assured with the best brand names available, you will certainly locate what you are looking for.

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