How does ionized air gun boost product quality?

The ionized air gun is a hand held gadget used to remove fixed, dust and pollutants from a selection of surfaces and parts. The emitter is made of titanium that avoids spoilage, ensuring that the blow-off gun will last. Weapons may actually last for several years if used with a filtered gas supply.

How to use an Ionised Air Gun

An Ionised Air Gun is used to remove pollutants and also to determine the cost from surface areas and components, reducing the possibility of damage from ESD (electrostatic discharge). The blow-off gun can quickly remove sensitive particles and immobilized particles from surfaces while removing static charges that can induce charged impurities.

An Ionised air gun gets rid of surfaces statically as well as rapidly. This protects parts from electro-static discharge, which can cause component failure problems.

The air or nitrogen is completely clean due to the capsule filter in the gun. When you are complete using the Ionised Air Gun, you can easily place it on the hanging bracket.

The Ionised Air Gun is safe to use, as it has a low input voltage of 24 VAC. This protects the operator from any shocks and reduces electromagnetic turbulence at the same time. The gun can be used around any high precision electronic item without damaging the gun.

The parts of the weapon are made to be extremely resilient, safe, and also clean. The case is made of a polymer product which makes it light, yet still really strong. The nozzle pointer is scalloped so it can safely release the ion emitters, which protects the customer from getting bits accessible, wrists, or clothes.

The gun uses either nitrogen or filtered air to develop the essential force to project the ions to the surface area. The recommended pressure to use is 15 to 30 psi.

In some situations, higher air speed might work well; yet it can trigger the fragment dispersal to end and become irregular as well as inadequately cover the surface area. Conversely, a lower pressure setup results in a pressure that is not strong enough to get to the surface.

Where an Ionised Air Gun is Used

There are many types of applications where an Ionised Air Gun can be used, such as applications that require large space protection or continuous flow. Very specific applications include graphics, optics, basic manufacturing, electronics assembly and plastic manufacturing. Some environments where this device can be used contain flammable or explosive substances.

Advantages of Using an Ionized Air Gun

So, why include an Ionised Air Gun right in your applications?

  • Decrease of exhaustion
  • Less problems with hyper-extension of the wrist
  • Runs with the operator and does not interfere with work
  • Marginal upkeep downtime
  • Effective elimination of bit contamination
  • Quick discharge time
  • Efficient ion shipment
  • Rapid and basic calibration (if needed).
  • Durable: withstands high effect and is ESD-safe.

It can sometimes be challenging to get rid of fixed as well as contaminants from surfaces or components, and it can take a while to do so. It is specifically tough on three-dimensional parts or micro-components with small openings and networks. Use of an Ionised Air Gun will guarantee that your parts are protected from static discharge and pollutants.

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