Desoldering Station Suction Troubleshooting

Anyone who deals with electronics routinely needs a desoldering station. Nevertheless, suction problems can really hinder your capability to work with parts. If your desoldering station‘s suction action is effectively performing, utilize the following details to deal with the issue.


The desoldering station must have an electrical source for the suction to work, so if you have no suction, start by examining the power source. (Note: Some stations will just deal with a one hundred 10 volt outlet; ensure you’re using the proper type of outlet.) Examine that the cable isn’t frayed or damaged in any way. Often the current isn’t strong enough to power the desoldering station, in which case you can utilize an ohmmeter to examine the outlet’s current.


When you desolder something, the station’s suction will prepare the solder and filter it, and the filter is developed to resist excessive heat. If you’ve utilized your desoldering station for a long time, solder might have developed on the filter and blocked suction action, so make certain to inspect it: wait on the station to cool, eliminate the filter from the pipeline (you might need a screwdriver or wrench), and then tidy or replace the filter.


If your desoldering station is older, then your soldering nozzle may be clogged. Regular use and extended periods of disuse can lead to solder accumulation within the nozzle, which will prevent air from streaming easily and compromise suction. Fortunately, remedying a clogged up nozzle is easy; utilize a cleaning pin created for your nozzle and clean it (it may take up to thirty minutes on specifically stopped up nozzles).

Inner Pump

The last thing to examine is your desoldering station’s inner pump. The pump is a lot like a vacuum on a much smaller scale and with a lot more power. Fixing the inner pump is hard, so you’ll likely need to meet an expert. Consult your user’s manual for directions concerning pump assessment and upkeep. If you’re a knowledgeable technician, you may have the ability to ask for a replacement pump from the manufacturer and replace it yourself.

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