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We embark on the projects for setting up a digital production line. We provide PCB Setting up Machines, Insertion and Setting up Conveyors, ESD Floorings, ESD Control Products, Soldering Consumables (Tin/ Lead & RoHS Compliant), Soldering De-Soldering Devices, SMD Rework Stations, Cable Television and also Wire Markers etc.

Our Products

Soldering Iron – Higher-end blowpipes warm up rapidly, repeatably, as well as use digital temperature level display screens for predictable function. When a soldering iron suggestion comes into a contact with one more material, the thermal power which was stored in the suggestion is dissipated into the joint. With cheap solder pots, the temperature result isn’t adjustable as well as the tip of the iron commonly waivers significantly between as well warm or as well amazing.

Desoldering Station – Today we’ll concentrate on the Hakko FM-204 Desoldering Station. In electronics, “desoldering” is the elimination of solder and also parts from a circuit for repairing, for repair functions, part substitute, and also to restore parts. The Hakko FM-204 is a self-supporting desoldering wick with all the soldering capability of the FM-203 in a solitary port terminal.


  • Constructed in vacuum pump
  • Temperature array: 200 ° C– 450 ° C (400 ° F– 840 ° F)
  • Quick-change composite nozzles (N3 Collection)
  • Weapon or pencil style desoldering headpiece
  • Sleep setting functionality
  • Nozzles are not consisted of

SMD Rework StationSMD Rework Station eliminates and replaces a variety of SMD parts. Control your procedure with the lock-out essential card by entering your temperature settings into the system memory, then when the card is removed, all specification setups are “locked” into the system memory and also cannot be altered without the crucial card. This attribute defend against an operator making unintentional or unauthorized temperature level adjustments.

Soldering Station – The Hakko FX-888 is a cost-effective yet long lasting temperature level adjustable soldering station that provides even more power as well as occupies much less bench area than its precursor (the Hakko 936).

Ionised air gun – The Ionised air gun together with its HV Power Supply and Air Compressor forms a system which is made to neutralise static charges up to a distance of 1m. (Air Compressor as well as air hose not supplied by us) It removes fixed, pollutants and dirt from level surface areas in addition to strong things before setting up, product packaging, painting and also ending up

Static eliminator – The most effective approach to establish how well the Ionizing Bar is working is with the Model 7905 Static eliminator. The fixed meter is easy to use and will precisely present the fee on a surface area without touching it. To do this, simply determine the charge on the surface before ionizing (power supply off). After that, ionize the surface (power supply on). Step the surface once more. A “zero” volt analysis shows that the Ionizing Bar is functioning properly. If a cost still exists, this may show the requirement for cleaning.

Electrostatic field meter – Its small layout as well as 4 button operation makes it very easy to operate. The Electrostatic field meter fixed voltages within ± 20kV (20,000 V) at a distance of 1 ″. Results are at the same time presented numerically and also in bar chart style on a very easy to read LED screen. 2 LED overview ring lights aid position the field meter at the appropriate distance from a charged test item.

Static charge removal systems – Static charge removal systems can be observed when you touch an item of various electric possibilities such as a door knob, and also a bolt of electricity streams from your charged body to the door handle. This circulation of electrical power is really an outcome of the stored static fee that is being quickly transferred to the knob.

Digital multimeter – Digital multimeter are used to perform a vast array of electric measurements in various settings as well as applications, so it’s important to very carefully consider your alternatives to ensure you pick the appropriate digital multimeter for your need.

Digital clamp meter –The Clarke CDM90 digital clamp multimeter has the following specs: Max voltages: Air Conditioning 750V, DC 1000V; Max existing: 1000A; Max resistance: 2000 Ohm. This is suitable for doing different examinations and also dimensions on electrical systems, automobile electrics, keys applications, and so on

Digital tachometer – The electronic tools provide accurate number of number of changes. The online stores typically provides guide to which Digital tachometer appropriates for your purpose and demand. Also you can check out the customer evaluates to see which products are great and which are not.

Lux Meter – A lux meter functions by using a photo cell to catch light. The meter after that transforms this light to an electrical present. Measuring this current permits the gadget to calculate the lux value of the light it caught.

Insulation Resistance Tester – Insulation resistance testing is accomplished by using a high DC voltage, triggering a tiny present to stream via the insulator surface. Insulation resistance Tester is gauged in me ohms, so an insulation resistance tester is also known as a megohmmeters.

Flux cleaner – When it comes to electronic devices, making an excellent connection is beyond vital. If any type of digital gadgets is going to work, the links between elements need to be basically perfect. Certainly, we use Flux cleaner to fasten elements to a printed circuit card, but to make the most effective connections feasible; solder change needs to be included in the mix to ensure solder flows equally around the parts as well as the connection.

No clean flux – No clean flux is now one of the most popular fluxes to clean up in electronic devices making. Most makers have designed and also dialled in their assembly lines to run no clean paste. As well as, they just cleanse the boards they wish to clean, not constantly the boards they possibly require to clean. Furthermore, the flux residues left by no-clean pastes are harder to get rid of from PCBs than various other changes.

Voc free flux – The VOC Free Flux provided by National products is notable for its much less strong web content and it is chosen for its distinct soldering characteristics on lead and tin based or lead totally free alloy metals. Conventional quality proprietary mixing of organic activators has actually been taken legal action against to produce this flux.

Electric screw driverElectric screwdrivers can be a wonderful option for those who have discomfort in their hands or require a rate terrific than that which they can attain with a Digital screw driver. Nonetheless, it’s not always very easy to shop for these terrific devices online.

Pneumatic screwdriver – Falling short to properly maintain your equipment can bring about very early failures and also unsafe circumstances. To keep your air tool operating at an optimal degree, particular upkeep activities must be executed at routine intervals, based on time or tool usage. If a tool requires maintenance or is Pneumatic screwdriver damaged, remove it from procedure as well as tag it until it is kept or fixed.

Epoxy dispenser – When it pertains to epoxy dispenser giving your supplier system should provide the utmost flexible platform for requiring settings. The epoxy dispenser should satisfy the highest possible criteria of reliability and reliability and also ideally be recognized by the market as the sector requirement.

Torque meter – We provides a full variety of torque testers, torque analysers and also torque meters for device verification and also calibration. From fundamental analog testers to width grade laboratory tools we have your torque requires covered

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  1. “Static charge removal systems – Static charge removal systems can be observed when you touch an item of various electric possibilities such as a door knob, and also a bolt of electricity streams from your charged body to the door handle. This circulation of electrical power is really an outcome of the stored static fee that is being quickly transferred to the knob.”
    Does it make any difference what kind of door handle, what kind of material?


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