How to Use Electrostatic Field meter

Electrostatic field meter serve and also versatile tools for solving static issues. Static charging problems are challenging to detect because the source of the billing frequently goes to a different place than the observed stimulates. An electrostatic field meter can identify places where the static cost is high. It can display the polarity of the fee, which assists determine the resource of the charging. A field meter also can offer a quantitative estimate for the amount of static fee. Measuring cost and tracking the level via a process is an excellent way to find the source of static charging.

When making use of an electrostatic field meter to diagnose a static charging issue or when choosing a field meter for a certain application, three efficiency actions are very important: variety, spatial resolution, as well as response time.


While the electric field officially is gauged in volts per meter, one volt per meter is an extremely tiny field. Electric field meter frequently display field in kilovolts per centimetre (kV/cm), kilovolts per inch (kV/in.), and also a few versions present the measured field just in volts. The distance, either centimetre or inch, is indicated.

The electric field (E) is restricted by the breakdown strength of air. So at air pressure, E remains in the series of 0 to ± 30 kV/cm or 0 to ± 76 kV/in. For functional work, an affordable upper limit is 20 kV/cm or 50 kV/in. Your field meter should have a resolution of at the very least 1 kV/cm or 2.5 kV/in. so you can find a 1 µC/ m2 modification accountable density on your movie, which is practically considerable.

Spatial Resolution

An electrostatic field meter reacts to bill where the sensing unit is the closest metal item. The electric field meter reading EMIDDLE is one of the most trustworthy as well as secure since it reacts to fees on the film in a balanced region that is halfway between rollers. Reviewing ENEAR likewise replies to charges in a region that is approximately halfway between rollers. However, the dimension geometry is not symmetrical, and reading ENEAR will certainly be a lot more variable and much less reliable than checking out EMIDDLE. Reading EROLLER will certainly be no due to the fact that the roller is the closest steel object to the movie.

Response Time

The reaction time of an electric field meter establishes the size of fee variant that can be detected. Ideally, the response time (TRESPONSE) should be quickly sufficient to discover charge spots with the same dimension as the spatial resolution (LRESOLUTION).

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