Buy SMD REWORK STATION Online in India

SMD Rework Station or Hot Air Blower is devices needed for de-soldering and Soldering of IC Elements or Chips as well as BGA while smart phone fixing and also other PCB Repair.

Surface-mount modern technology (SMT) is a technique for producing digital circuits in which the elements are installed or put directly onto the surface of printed circuit card (PCBs). A digital device so made is called a surface-mount tool.

SMD Rework Station is best quality as well as most sellable for Mobile Phone Fixing.


SMD Rework Station or Hot Air Blower is equipment needed for De-soldering as well as Soldering of IC Elements or Chips as well as BGA while mobile phone repairing and also various other PCB Fixing. Right here we learn more about Finest SMD Rework Station Brands and also Versions and also Exactly How to Use it for Soldering as well as Desoldering of IC.

Summary regarding SMD Rework Station:

SMD Rework Station or hot air blower, there are 2 control knobs.

1. Control handle is to regulate flow of Hot Air

2. Other control handle is used to manage temperature level.

Hot air streams through nozzle attached to the handle. This hot air aids to thaw solder paste beneath the IC. An SMD Rework Station is also used as BGA Rework Station making use of some additional tools and set-up such as a PCB Holder, Represent the Rework Station as well as a Pre-heater to offer heat from all-time low.

How to Use SMD Rework Station?

  • Plug in the power cable of the station and turn on.
  • Now switch ON the Power Switch of the Station.
  • Readjust the Temperature and also Atmospheric Pressure. Temperature Level and also Air Pressure or Air Flow must be well balanced appropriately for correct soldering and also desoldering. Excessive warmth and also much less air circulation will certainly generate excessive heat that can damage the PCB of the Cell phone. Likewise less heat as well as way too much atmospheric pressure will bring about improper desoldering and soldering.
  • The majority of such Terminals have automatic power cut attribute. This indicates that when the handle is placed on the holder power leaves.
  • When repairing is done, turn off the station. The station will currently immediately blow trendy air to ensure that the heater inside the manage obtains cool and do not create any damage.
  • Tip: When soldering or desoldering, always attempt to preheat the PCB by offering warmth from some height and afterwards gradually reduce the handle of the station. If you give sudden heat to the element of the PCB after that various other elements as well as the PCB itself can obtain harmed because of thermal chock.

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