Buy Online ionised air gun from advance tech pvt LTD

The SSD Japan ionizing air gun is impressive in style and efficiency. Easy to hold and run, the SSD Japan is easy to establish and also use. Created to safeguard most static delicate devices, the SSD Japan  ionised air gun uses a customized piezoceramic innovation that makes all the SSD Japan  ionised air guns so trustworthy.

Maintenance savings

advance tech pvt LTD SSD Japan ionizers conserve money and time since they require no calibration. Emitter life is boosted and upkeep regularity is lowered, because of 68KHz AC ion discharge.

SSD Japan Focused Air Ionization

A specialized piezoceramic high voltage transformer drives the technology making Ptec ™ ionizers among one of the most trustworthy ionizers available. The version ION-6430 ionizing air gun creates a 68KHz Air Conditioner result of around 2200V and a continual stream of well balanced air ions. Secure, small and light-weight, SSD Japan  products discover an alarm system if the high voltage result stops working. ionised air gun that utilize SSD Japan innovation do not call for calibration and just very little upkeep.

Features  of SSD Japan

  • SSD Japan Innovation
  • High Frequency Air Conditioner (68KHz) ion discharge
  • A solitary integrated Air/ Power line with strain alleviation at gun and also controller
  • As much as 100 psi air input
  • Alarm system sign

Benefits of SSD Japan

  • Inherently secure result. Does not require calibration
  • Reduces emitter cleansing. Prolongs emitter life. Thick ion output
  • Easy to use. Power cables protected for long life. Never untidy.
  • Strong blow-off force, efficient fragment elimination.
  • Red result alarm system lights up to sharp high voltage failure

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