What are the Types of Flux Cleaner


When soldering, you typically need to utilize a flux cleaner to develop appropriate joints. There are numerous types of flux cleaner, and they can be discovered in pen, liquid, or spray form, in addition to within solder wire itself. Below is a quick overview of a couple of types of fluxes. As constantly, if you have any concerns on the application of a particular item, the producer is the very best place to choose up to date info.


No-clean fluxes are rather weak, and the residue that they leave behind will normally not hurt your devices. This is why they are called no-clean; the residue it develops can be left on the board and it will not corrode your parts. If you are applying a conformal finishing to your PCB then you will need to wipe the residue from no-clean fluxes so you can guarantee even protection.

Mildly Activated Rosin

Mildly activated rosin fluxes are a bit more powerful than no-clean, but also typically leave a non-corrosive and non-conductive residue. This flux cleaner differs from producer to maker, so make certain to read the directions prior to leaving the residue to rest on a sensitive element. Mildly activated rosin fluxes likewise have a high thermal stability, making sure that preheating does not degrade its solubility.

Activated Rosin

Activated rosin fluxes are the next action up from the mildly activated rosins. The included power in the activated rosin can get rid of oxides that no-clean and mildly activated fluxes cannot. The residue left from activated rosins may be corrosive, so take a look at the data sheet or talk to the manufacturer to see if your particular flux cleaner requires to be wiped the board after soldering.

Inorganic Acid

Inorganic acid fluxes are also very strong, best to help solder tough metals. This can be incredibly helpful for heavily oxidized metals, or for products that have a low solder ability. Again, a corrosive residue is left behind, so a hot water or solvent rinse is needed to protect your board.

Water Soluble

This flux cleaner is made to be quickly cleaned off, specifically throughout wave soldering processes. Water soluble fluxes are a few of the greatest, and will definitely corrode your PCB if left on, so make certain to completely clean up off any residues left behind by this flux cleaner.

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