How Electrostatic Field Meter Work

An Electrostatic Field Meter is a compact/concrete tool which is utilized as well as utilized for localizing and examining the repaired expenses. These special features make the sent meter a practical as well as relaxing piece to make use of.

– Foamy body, compressed layout

– Assurances precision along with repeatable measurements

– Attribute of instinctive variety changing

– Mathematical, bar chart demonstration with pose/nag standards

– Programmed power off throughout no activity

The sent meter also includes an optional cable television and also support set for analog production. This function allows to excerpt and likewise display the computed information. The press reporter yield established help the field meter to ride in case the requirement is to gather constant examination


The Electrostatic Field meter composes of a parametric amp. The charge started by an electrostatic field meter induction tool is altered to the air conditioning electric power which stays in proportion to the electrical field durability. A fresh inequitable operating amplifier fine-tunes today, not have any type of added beats as well as matches straight in to the electric field strength.


A variety of applications to the electro fixed field meter are defined listed here. They are:

– It has a major use for finding and controlling of the electrostatic fields or produced costs.

– Another application: Assists in determining electric field power, electric charges, electrostatic particle charges and similarly the significantly great resilient voltage frameworks.


– It is not appropriate to open up the Electrostatic field meter. If it is opened, the gadget gets no assurance in addition.

– The Electrostatic field meter isn’t sanctioned for measurements in eruptive and also harmful locations.

– In cases when there are genuinely extraordinary/heavy electrostatic pieces, the Electrostatic field meter constantly requires to be beached. Prior to installation search for a perfect area to check the entity.

– Avert flash releases onto the modulator plan.

– Use of the device in power plants is not legalized.

– The Electrostatic Field meter is not strengthened to identify turning fields higher than 1 Hz.


It is more effective to attune the Electrostatic Field meter utmost once a year.

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