How to Utilize a Desoldering Wick

Understanding how to utilize a desoldering wick, which is entwined copper cable that enables you to remove desoldering from joints you require to alter, is important if you service electronics. It’s easy to utilize a desoldering wick, and it can save you from having to change elements that weren’t desoldering correctly.


Starting by setting up an exhaust fan for the desoldering fumes. Although it isn’t preferable, you can use a security mask if you do not have an exhaust fan, or if you’re working someplace where a fan will not fit or operate. Utilize security glasses to protect your eyes from molten desoldering wick as well as various other threats.

Heating up

Next you’ll connect the blowpipe in along with await it to heat up, making sure that the iron is secure in its owner so it will not fall out. A lot of welding torches take a minimum of 3 mins to entirely warm up.

Desoldering Wicking

Unroll a size of desoldering wick and hold it versus the desoldering joint you’re working on. Apply the warm welding torch pointer to the wick. The heat from the blowpipe will certainly thaw the desoldering and, as it begins to melt, the copper circuitry of the desoldering wick will absorb the desoldering (capillary action). As the desoldering cools it will definitely bind to the desoldering wick.


Eliminate the desoldering wick from the joint and also return the welding torch to its owner after the wick is totally covered with the desoldering you got rid of. The following action is to reduce the size of used desoldering wick from the roll. After you have really cut the wick, search for other desoldering joints that require being desoldering and also replicating the treatment.


Disconnect your desoldering iron and offer it sufficient time to cool. Dispose of the used desoldering wick along with extensively neat the place where you operate in order to conserve time the next time you desoldering or desoldering.

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