The Use of no clean flux

Flux … It would definitely be terrific to remain in a world where we actually did not require it. That extremely same oxygen that maintains us alive slowly wears down the solder ability of surface location finishes on many components, preforms, and likewise circuit card. At Indium Corporation, we fully accept flux. Our R&D department deals with the hardest flux projects for customers all over the world. What they learn is typically used in our primary flux offerings.

For many preforms, No-Clean Flux is used straight to the solder. As soon as the solder joint is developed, the flux is established to continue to be on the solder joint for the life of the product, as a harmless deposit.

Far more information relating to selecting flux coverings as well as making use of flux-coated preforms can be discovered here: Flux Layered Preforms

In addition we supply LV series flux, which is a next generation surface. (LV = Low-Voiding).

Seth Homer has really discussed this sort of No-Clean Flux  as well as it’s advantages, that include the capability to offer a very consistent, slim, efficient layer which is still categorized as halide-free. This was enabled by considering flux design and application in a totally different method.

When preforms are defined, it is important for us to acknowledge which flux (if any kind of) will certainly be desired, and what weight % of that flux to supply. This is a key part to specifying solder preforms.

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