Tips About Reflow oven cleaner

Correct Reflow Oven Cleaner upkeep can extend its life process, keep the maker in good condition, and enhance production performance and item quality. One of the most essential jobs for correctly preserving a Reflow Oven Cleaner is to get rid of the built-up flux residue inside the oven’s chamber. Although there is a flux collection system in contemporary reflow makers, there still is a huge likelihood tha flux will abide by the inert air ventilation pipe and thermal regulator panel. This will cause inaccurate thermal data readings and the thermal controller will make the wrong adjustment guidelines.

The following is a list of day-to-day, house-keeping jobs to be achieved for maintaining a Reflow Oven Cleaner and wipe down the machine daily. Make a neat workplace.

Inspect conveyor chains, sprockets, mesh and the automated lubrication system. Include lubricated oil on time.

Clean the photoelectric switches which discover whether a board is within or outstide of the Reflow Oven Cleaner.

As soon as the chamber temperature level reduces to room temperature level, open the hood and clean the inside surface area of the chamber with a correct cleaner.

·         Tidy the ventilation pipeline with a cleaning agent.

·         Vacuum the chamber and remove the flux residue and soldering balls.

·         Check and clean up the air blower.

·         Examine and replace the air filter.


1.       Speeds cleansing of ovens even when warm.

2.       Triggered by the recurring heat of the oven.

3.       4 times faster than IPA (isopropyl alcohol).

   Cleans up all solder paste and flux  residues, including RMA, no-clean and lead-free items.

  • ·         Nonflammable for security.
  • ·         Non-foaming, leaves no residue.
  • ·         Chemical Household: Water-based.
  • ·         Low fragrance.

Made with water, alkaloids and exclusive long-chain alcohols.

·         VOC material: 50 (g/L).

·         Low GWP.


Because this reflow oven cleaner is nonflammable you can clean up the oven while it is still warm, conserving time and boosting the cleaning due to the fact that warm solvents tidy much better than cold ones. This item is so much stronger than IPA alcohol that it slashes oven cleaning up times 50% or more while improving cleansing outcomes.

Cleaning up is Easier with time:.

Plus, Reflow Oven Cleaner  prevents one of the big problems of alcohol cleaners– the curing and hardening of flux residues in the oven. Cleaning up really becomes much easier over time.

Hassle-free Packaging Alternatives:

The popular “cubitainers” are easy to keep on a rack and include a faucet-like valve so the fluid can be dispensed without lifting the container. Usage with Microcare lint-free cleansing wipes (MCC-W11) for finest outcomes.

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