How to Choose Stencil Cleaner in Advance Tech

Stencil Cleaner has ended up being both more difficult and more critical for contemporary surface area install innovation. This paper describes a new lab test which was established for predicting the performance of stencil cleansing formulations. A brand-new liquid, inorganic based cleaning representative has been developed which gives cleaning performance which was overall much better than that of IPA.

Stencil Cleaner Conventional ultrasonic stencil cleansing maker Power Full Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner  water Recyclable Can’t recycle Security Safe for employees without using any electrical power, will not lead to danger of the fire With security loophole for Advance tech  using electricity to tidy Environmental protection Waste residue can be strained, water can be recycled Water can’t be recycled, Sewage and tin will be discharge with cleaning water Electricity cost No Yes Stencil Cleaner  cycle 2-4minutes 7-10 minutes Cost Cheaper More Costly Cleaning technique 360 Rotary double side pressure injection and high pressure air praying (cleansing and drying) Almost touching way of ultrasound combined with spray cleansing Comparison between Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner and Traditional ultrasonic stencil cleaner Which kind you value most?

Distinct Functions:

  •  SC-740 is a really flexible machine. It has a completely closed loop system for Stencil Cleaner up with it’s own spray pump and filtration system.
  • Distinct Up and down moving parallel travelling spray manifolds cleans the parts with NO shadow result.
  • The parallel arms with high speed/flow hot air knife help in much faster drying, the system throughput is equivalent with huge inline systems.
  • This machine is energy effective and requires minimum floor area.
  • Device is designed to deal with Zestron series of Stencil Cleaner Chemical and enable use likewise for palate cleansing/ maintenance part cleansing.

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