Handheld and Portable Electrostatic Field Meter

The FMX-004 is a hassle-free, portable as well as pocket sized portable Electrostatic Field Meter. The tool for measuring static electrical energy will certainly tell you the static electricity measured in kV. Gauging fixed power with a multimeter is not feasible and that is why a fixed cost meter requires it to be used.

With this digital static meter(readout) you can do fixed measurements as a part of your commercial static control. With this Electrostatic Field Meter or additionally called a static measuring tool you can determine as well as keep the area strength. The electric fee is gauged in units of kV as well as polarity.

It allows you to execute to gauge fixed electrical energy in awkward areas using an analog voltage sensor.

The fixed meter working concept is an oscillating voltage sensing unit. The sensing unit is secured inside the housing. The proper measuring distance is presented by two incorporated LEDs. The meter is battery operated.

Advancetech  Customer support can assist you to maximize using the anti static meter. Also equating the outcomes of the dimension right into a service will certainly be supported upon your demand. In many cases using fixed eliminators will certainly help you to eliminate the fixed fee. This can be done by installing an anti static gadget aimed at the charged spot or billed object.

The electrically conductive plastic housing with a planet connection fitted at the side makes sure accurate dimensions. The one-of-a-kind bicolour screen shows the measured value both mathematical and graphically. The standing of the battery is revealed on the display screen.

Static meters do not offer an answer to the inquiry “what is static present” since the present depends on many factors. The electronic Electrostatic Field Meter comes with a total manual and directions. Exactly how to make use of the fixed cost meter can be seen in our video clip: “exactly how to gauge the static Electrical power with the FMX-004 “.

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