Desoldering Stations VS Hot-air Rework Station

When you are thinking on which rework station to buy, you will require to take into account the dissimilarities amid a hot-air rework station & a Desoldering Station. Though the dissimilarities amid the two kinds of rework station is not considerably significant, you must understand how each of them functions prior to deciding which one best fits your budget and needs.

Hot-Air Rework:

Hot air rework stations are perfect for minor works that you’ve to finish fast. A hot air gun which’ll liquefy the solder & allow you to extract the components, is excellent for extracting components from any old circuit-board. Whereas this procedure is not precisely surgical, it’ll save you a considerable amount of time and also accessible solders & parts that otherwise would have been discarded along the circuit-board. Another advantage of employing a hot air rework station is that it twofold as a soldering station, which saves you significant time in the process.

You can resolve many components at the same time – quickly extract a troublesome electrical component from the circuit-board & resold the area within one hour. Furthermore, hot air stations are usually non-contact, allowing you to ignore injury to other components of the circuit-board when you work.

However, one drawback of employing a hot air rework station is that they’re quite costly compared to SMD Rework Solder Station. Hot air rework stations are also pretty large & tough to shift, so you will require to bring your work to the station itself,

Desoldering Stations:

Well, desoldering stations avail with a host of features; some encompass vacuum pumps that allow you to desolder precisely whenever you need. Since the components are tinier, a desoldering station is also rather simpler to clean compared to a hot air rework station. Furthermore, Desoldering Stationboasts a great deal of power, yet have lesser nozzles and buttons than their hot air counterparts. On the downside, there’s a greater danger of voltage leak injury when employing a desoldering station.

However, the most considerable advantage of selecting a Desoldering Station is probably its price; one can save money by going for a desoldering station instead of a hot-air rework station. Besides that, desoldering stations are simpler to shift from one place to another.

So it comes down to your exact need and budget which one you want to buy. They both have their advantages and disadvantages and you have to make up your mind which one best suits your needs.

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