How To Use Desolder Wick – Advancetech

Knowing just how to use a Desolder Wick , which is an entwined copper wire that enables you to get rid of desolder from joints you require to modify, is very important if you deal with electronic devices. Desolder wick is particularly beneficial if you need to remove desolder from a motherboard or components. If you’re brand-new to desoldering, you should have a desolder wick ready in case you require to deal with any mistakes you make. It’s easy to use a desolder wick, and it can save you from having to change components that weren’t desoldered correctly.

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Beginning by establishing an exhaust follower for the desoldering fumes. Although it isn’t better, you can make use of a safety mask if you do not have an exhaust fan, or if you’re working someplace where a follower won’t fit or work. In addition, wear safety glasses to secure your eyes from liquified desolder and other hazards.

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Heating up

Next, you’ll connect the desoldering iron in and also await it to warm up, making sure that the iron is protected in its holder so it will not befall. A lot of blowpipes take a minimum of three mins to totally heat up.

Desolder Wicking

Unfold a length of Desolder Wick  and hold it against the desolder joint you’re working with. Apply the hot blowpipe tip to the wick. The warmth from the desoldering iron will certainly melt the desolder and also, as it starts to thaw, the copper electrical wiring of the desolder wick will certainly take in the desolder (capillary action). As the desolder cools it will certainly bind to the desolder wick.


Remove the desolder wick from the joint as well as return the desoldering iron to its holder after the wick is totally covered with the desolder you got rid of. The next step is to cut the length of the made use of desolder wick from the roll. After you have actually cut the wick, check for various other desolder joints that need to be desoldered and also duplicate the treatment.

Disconnect your welding torch and give it sufficient time to cool. Throw out the utilized Desolder Wick  and also extensively tidy the area where you work in order to save time the next time you desolder.

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