How to Use a Torque Meter

Torque meter which are also called torque gauges are instruments used to ensure a fastener is tightened at the right strength and with equal tightness where necessary. The calibration of these is in degrees not in pounds per square foot though the torque is measured with the latter unit. This is to avoid errors that could be brought about by the friction of threads of screws. Learning how to use an angle meter is easy and the following is an easy guide to it.

Tools needed:

• Item to be fastened with nuts and bolts

• Torque wrench

• Torque meter


1. Get the specifications of the strength of fastening for the faster that you have got for tightening to learn the correct value for the torque for the particular fastener. These values are normally given on pound per square foot. Check if the angle value in degrees is also given. If you use the incorrect values the item you are going to fasten will get damaged.

2. Take the two pieces to be fastened and fasten them. Then tighten the fastener using a standard torque wrench to the torque given in the specification. Now fix the torque angle meter on the head of the fastener. Now put the standard torque wrench on the torque angle meter.

3. Now tighten by turning the standard torque wrench using the specifications to reach the figure given in it. The meter will indicate the strength in degrees. You need to watch the angle meter very carefully to get the correct value on it. You can finish the job when the required Torque meter is obtained. In case you have more fasteners in the same application make sure that you tighten all of them to the same degree or at least as close as possible.

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