Complete Description Of ION Bar By Advancetech

Ion Bar are created to regulate set charge in mini-environments, laminar circulation hoods and also workstations. Ionizing bars feature an unique wind resistant layout that ionizes a local area without disrupting laminar blood circulation. Setup is fast. Output and likewise stability can be adjusted at each ionizing bar. Ionizing bars can be found in a selection of dimensions and also with various emitter factor materials for usage in specific sanitation regulated settings.

Supplies uniform fixed elimination at broadband.

A/C Square Wave Modern innovation– A/C protection with DC control

Immediately as well as successfully controls dealt with in mini-environments, laminar blood circulation hoods as well as wide-area workstation applications.

It is a highly reputable tool in electronic devices, plastics, chemicals, printing, fabric, optical as well as additionally various other markets.

Conveniently offered in 12in, 22in., 44in. or 64in. sizes.

High Performance, Versatile Ionizing Bars

The ionizing bar consists of an unique wind resistant format that ionizes a city without interrupting laminar circulation. The functional bar can be adjusted for the suitable performance in a collection of applications with a basic remote control.

Offered in four various dimensions: 12″, 22″, 44″ and also 64″

ION bars supply commitment cycle control to give ideal ion balance as well as additionally degeneration times in a wide variety of problems.Ion Bar permits polarity switching regularity (pulse size) control for maximizing balance along with deterioration times in lots of atmospheres. Longer changing consistencies enable the ionizer to be beneficial in decreased air motion problems or when moving ions a lot longer distance.

A/C Square Wave ionization modern-day innovation makes use of bipolar emitters which provide both desirable and likewise negative ions. This causes much less tension on the emitter aspects, contrasted to Pulsed DC ionizing bars. Pulsed A/C emitter points last much longer and additionally remain cleaner along with providing even more consistent ionization.

A/C Square Wave ion bars are in addition extra trusted than typical Air Conditioner ionizers which are dealt with at 60Hz and important just in close target distance or when combined with significant air-flow.

The Ion Bar comes factory readjusted as well as with a calibration certification. Ionizer efficiency can be checked as well as verified with a charge plate display. Essential examinations to do declare along with undesirable deterioration times and also ion equilibrium. It is encouraged to check ionizer efficiency at the minimum 1 per year.

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