What Is a Torque Meter?

Torque Meter

The torque meter is an instrument that measures the torque produced by a rotating device. Most torque meters use a bonded strain gauge technology. Other types of torque sensors measure rotational speed. Modern test and measurement equipment makes it easy to measure rotational speed and electric motor power in electric machines. In many cases, a torque meter is also used to test torque tester tools. The main uses of torque testers include quality control and determining the torque of tools.

Torque meters have many uses in the aerospace industry. They are often used to determine the torque applied to high-performance turbochargers. They can be used in critical industrial applications, laboratory testing, and quality control. They can also be calibrated to DIN ISO standards. These devices are ideal for measuring torque and measuring the speed of rotating machines and equipment. To avoid misuse, you should always purchase a torque meter that is calibrated to the standard for the industry.

A torque tester can be handheld or tabletop. Handheld models are primarily used in industry, while tabletop models are best suited for laboratories. Torque meters can come with an RS-232 port and a printer for saving and comparing measurements. A good torque meter should also come with an interface and software, which is particularly useful for long-term measurements. Further, it may also include a display and printer, which is especially useful when performing measurements in an industrial setting.

Torque Tester

Mountz torque meter are available in a wide variety of configurations. You can choose between two or four axis models, or use a combination of the two. The mountings and sensors are compatible with PTT and can be used with a variety of torque sensors. In addition to these, there are six operating modes available. These modes make the use of torque meters extremely convenient. You can view torque peters on the Mountz website by clicking on the PDF symbol on the product’s display.

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