Knowledge About ionised air gun

Antistatic air gun or ionised air gun is the excellent method of removing static, impurities as well as dust from three-dimensional components prior to constructing, product packaging, paint or finishing. The ion air nozzle reduces the effects of the static electrical power as well as cleanses at distances up to 2 feet. When average pressed air is used to get rid of dust and also air nozzle for cleansing objective, its performance gets lowered. In case the static cost, which holds the dust to the product is not counteracted, both the product and also the dirt will continue to be statically billed and also with the ability of re-contamination. The ion air gun is sturdy in layout as well as an industrialized ionised air gun.

We are manufacturers for ionised air gun/ ionizing nozzle hold up against. Hot air gun/ Deionized air gun is primarily made use of to get rid of static charges or static electric fee and blow off impurities from the surface of laminated woods, plastics, rubbers, and glass. At the same time, the neutral surface does not re-attract air-borne pollutants from the manufacturing procedure. If the pressed air is ionized, the static cost will be eliminated, which enables remarkable top quality cleansing without re-attraction.

 How Ionizing Air Gun Works:

Ionised air gun contains a trigger and also an ionization head engineered right into the finger guard. When the trigger is drawn air travels at high speed from the Static Eliminator Gun, getting the ionized air generated by the ionization head. The ionized air is blown at broadband in the direction of the things. The ionization eliminates the static electrical power, enabling the dust to be blown off. The things will certainly be static-free as well as not able to re-attract dirt.

Ionized air gun that is used to counteract electrostatic charges to eliminate electrostatic tourist attraction, aesthetic flaws, and also contamination by removing billed dust as well as particles.

Application of ionised air gun

Ionised air gun is made use of to neutralise the static fees on materials as well as surface areas and are often utilized in tidy areas. They blow ionised compressed air across surface areas in order to cleanse them. This procedure aids prevent dirt as well as dust bits from becoming re-attracted and also keeps surface areas cleaner for longer.

  • 3 dimensional plastic components
  • Cleaning moulded components
  • Photo finishing
  • Lens cleansing
  • Bundle cleansing
  • Container Neutralization
  • Vehicle bodies
  • Electronic settings up
  • Furniture ending up

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