Different Types of Electric Screwdriver & Their Uses

Picking the bit requirements model of Electric Screwdriver chauffeur is mostly based upon: torque, joint station, screw groove dimension, screw station length and likewise size reduction demands;

Currently, the electronic sector is swiftly transforming, a growing number of unique screws or other bolts appear on the establishing market. For these screws, non-standard customized bits can please the locking needs.

As a result, customers require providing the bit drawing or utilizing the caliper to determine the measurement of each part of the bit. Otherwise, clients can straight send out the screw example to the bit maker to match. The engineer will definitely assist validate the specifications of the electrical screwdriver and choose the suitable bit to make sure production effectiveness.

Bit choice step

1. Determine the sizes and shapes of the Electric Screwdriver bit jack According to the shapes and size of the shank size, there are 4 major kinds of bits: 5MM Hexagonal shank: the elevation of opposite side is 5MM 6.35 MM Hexagonal shank: the elevation of contrary side is 6.35 MM 4MM Round shank: Shank diameters 4MM 5MM Round shank: Shank sizes 5MM.

2. Determine the screw dimension. If the screw is M4 (the size of the thread component is 4MM), pick the bit with the head size of 4MM.

3. Establish the dimension of the screw cap cross-patterned road.

4. Identify the depth of the screw opening. If the depth of the screw hole is 20MM, select the bit with a size above 40MM.

Method for changing the bit with an Electric Screwdriver :

As the most common industrial quality gadget in business assembly, the screwdriver bit is a loss gadget. Because it has been rubbed with the screw, it requires to be changed after a period of use.

There are 5 actions, the actions are as follows:

Prepare one Electric Screwdriver as well as one φ4 bit. 4 indicates the manager of the batch head is a 4mm outer round handle.

Push down the shaft cap of the Electric Screwdriver with the female finger, to make sure that the steel round of the card starter recovers and the shaft core leakages out.

Put the screwdriver head down on the card positioning and also launch the shaft cap.

Draw the puller to evaluate whether it is installed in place.

Make certain to install the OKAY and after that power on the EElectric Screwdriverto lock the screw.


The bit is one of the important parts of the Electric Screwdriver. Only by picking the matching bit and transforming it in time can the Electric Screwdriver work effectively. I hope this post can help viewers.

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