Use OF Flip Gate ESD

Flip Gate ESD can occur when electrically isolated objects such as a person end up being electrically charged due to friction and unexpectedly discharge when they contact a grounded metal item. Flip Gate ESD can reach as high as 30 kV, and while the resulting discharges are really short, typically on the order of 100 ns, the peak currents can be as high as 100 A. We’ve all knowledgeable ESD in one type or another as we generate static electrical power walking our house, touching a door knob, and consequently getting stunned. This may hurt for flash and the small blue spark of energy cutting through the air is “quite cool” in the name of science. Imagine this taking place as you get out of your lorry and lean on the car body to pump gas. Getting in and out of your lorry can stun it in areas that lead back to the electronic devices that power your navigation and the “call for help” systems. Although the shock might not hurt us, even the tiniest pulse can harm the delicate electronics in these systems rendering them useless, which is not “cool”.

Flip Gate ESD sub-system assists your vehicle share its location thereby allowing certain maps and help systems to reach you. As more linked automobiles are getting in the market, functions such as 4G cellular service, WiFi, GPS, and V2x (automobile to vehicle and infrastructure communication) are all implemented inside the Telematics Box.

The last point is essential in the survival level of  Flip Gate ESD  as the market pattern has rapidly become that the lower the process geometry being used is, the more delicate the chipset is to ESD. This higher level of sensitivity can lead to a total lower system (in which the IC is placed in) level survival of Flip Gate ESD .

Botron’s  SpeedLane with a built-in ESD Elite Data Logger System. Developed with 304 stainless steel for a long life.

Each Flip Lane has a total of 6 optical sensors which will stop any unauthorized workers from getting in without very first passing the test. The Flip wings are made of clear acrylic and can be backlit with LED lights. Exit switch for simple returns.

End units are offered in pairs and create a single lane, and approximately 7 center systems can be utilized to produce as much as 8 lanes.

  • Arrow control for Instructions Control
  • Safety Barrier Wings will open upon loss of power
  • Optical Sensors discover Tail-Gating

Includes Elite Total Combo Tester with Foot Plates & Cables (One set per set of end systems, one set per center system).

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