Choose Best Desolder Wick

Desolder Wick  is a pre-fluxed copper pigtail that is made use of to remove solder, which allows parts to be replaced and excess solder (e.g. bridging) to be removed. The welding torch is applied to the wick as it remains on the solder joint, and also when both are brought up to the solder’s melting point, the flux is activated and also, via capillary activity from the braided design, the solder is drawn up the wick. Desolder Wick has actually been an essential at PCB revamp, fix and also prototyping terminals for over 30-years.

Offered In Static Dissipative Bobbins For Static Sensitive Settings, And Also In Two Different Flux Kinds As Well As Unfluxed:

No-Clean Desolder Wick – coated with proprietary change that just leaves a minor clear deposit, which does not create dendritic growth, corrosion, and various other service problems. Cleaning up after using Techspray No-Clean wick is optional.

Pro-Wick desoldering wick – coated with a fast turning on rosin flux for lightning quick solder removal.

Unfluxed desoldering braid – suitable for consumers that use a liquid change, or are called for to keep the very same change throughout board assembly and remodel.

Desolder Wick is composed of copper strings entwined with each other. Change is normally contributed to help the solder circulation from where it is not expected to be (the jumper) to the wick. Therefore, solder wick is occasionally called Desolder Wick. Yes, you really can solder anything, and solder wick is a big part of the process.

We tried a great deal of more affordable Desolder Wick before finding this provider. This is a less costly variation of the wick we use. We may begin utilizing it in fact. It works terrific and also the price is incredible.


Excellent quality Desolder Wick.

One-of-a-kind no clean flux.

Pure oxygen complimentary copper cord.

Size: 0.1″ L x 5′ L.

Weight: 16g.

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