Buy Best Solder Pots in Advance Tech

Solder Pots are tiny, temperature-controlled pots or storage tanks with flared lips that are utilized to tin cables and soldering tips. Solder Pots likewise are especially valuable for dipping electronics such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) with through-hole leaded components. Solder pots are used in smaller sized industrial applications or in countries where technology isn’t as easily accessed.

Lead Free Solder Pots – 300W

Advance Tech – Lead Free Solder Pots is excellent for thinning the ends of stuck cord leads, pre-tinning tiny electric components, re-tinning soldering iron pointers and dip soldering little motherboard. The variable temperature level heating element dissolves solder rapidly and provides outstanding thermal security. The crucible, with a holding ability of 1350g, is made from stainless steel with titanium plating, featuring rust resistance as well as prolonged service life. Suitable For Many Lead Free Soldering Applications.

Heating element melts solder promptly and provides outstanding thermal stability Crucible is made from stainless-steel with titanium plating, featuring corrosion resistance and extended life span Suitable for melting solder, plastic, resin and more Suitable for thinning ends of stuck cord leads, pre-tinning tiny electric components and also dip soldering tiny circuit card Solder Pots capacity:1350 g.

Solder Pots are excellent for tinning completions of stuck cable leads, pre-tinning tiny electrical components, re-tinning soldering iron suggestions as well as dip soldering small circuit cards. The variable temperature heating element liquifies the solder promptly and also supplies excellent thermal security. The crucible is made from stainless steel with titanium plating, featuring corrosion resistance and prolonged service life.

Utilizing a welding torch for this job would certainly take much also long, so he constructed a homebrew solder pot to tin all those cables rapidly. While [rue] had the ability to obtain solder on all those cords rapidly, we need to doubt his approach– he used a halogen light and reflector to melt all that solder.

The build started with a recycled halogen light fixture. After taking apart the whole setting up, [rue] rebuilded it into something resembling a solder pot; a concave reflector as well as halogen light bulbs rest flawlessly on the table, all set to accept pieces of solder.

After throwing the switch and also putting a few bits of solder in the reflector, the solder pot remarkably worked. [rue] was able to rapidly tin his ribbon wires, as well as the halogen bulb and reflector didn’t damage yet.

This is one of the least secure solder pots we have actually ever seen– the light bulb might easily blow up, and also dissolved solder can come pouring out of the reflector at any moment. [rue] knows the safety and security effects and also makes certain to wear a pair of goggles. If it works however, we really can’t complain.

Have a look at the video clip of [rue]’s solder pot (with an incredible temperature level sign light right in the middle of a pool of solder) at work after the break.

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