Tips Of Voc Free Flux

Voc Free Flux formula for premium quality, low-defect soldering of electronic circuit board settings up. This change’s carefully tuned activation system uses the most effective wetting readily available in Voc Free Flux liquid change technology as well as the shiniest solder joints. 979 also minimizes mini solderballing on shiny laminates and in between connector pins. 979 will not assault correctly treated solder masks or FR-4 Epoxy-Glass laminate. 979 leaves a marginal amount of residue after soldering. All remaining deposits are non-corrosive, non-conductive and also do not require to be gotten rid of.

Product Description

Voc Free Flux is a halide activated organic change for wave soldering through-hole, mixed and surface install settings up. VOC551 removes solder balls while offering exceptional solderability generating glossy joints and also the deposits are easily eliminated with plain water.


Voc Free Flux CHANGE is developed for foam, spray, wave or dip applications. VOC551 is suitable for traditional, combined, and surface mount modern technologies for telecommunications, computer as well as general customer electronic devices.

Prior to usage read all material safety data information. Previously made use of change should be completely cleared out of the system since percentages can minimize the performance of the Voc Free Flux. Conveyors, pallets and also fingers ought to be cleaned up. Throughout extended amounts of times such as evenings and weekend breaks the change should be gotten rid of from the equipment and stored in a sealed container. The air stone ought to be left taking in deionized water. It is advised that you use a brand-new rock when changing Rosin kind fluxes. A program ought to be established for the regular substitute of the change to stay clear of the accumulation of contaminants within the flux. For optimum soldering consistency, the change must be disposed of when every 40 hours of procedure.


The quantity of change to be used throughout foaming applications should be in between 800 and also 1300 micrograms per square inch of circuit. The quantity of flux to be applied throughout the spray application must be in between 475 as well as 850 micrograms per square inch of circuit.


Voc Free Flux appropriates as well as is boosted by the use of a total loss spray system. Ideally an air blade should be fitted even when making use of a spray system in order to protect against inadequate capillary activity when soldering. Spray system air knives need to normally be angled slightly towards the system. Excessive white deposits on the topside of the board are normally attributable to excess flux application. Modification of the air knife angle, air quantity, as well as pressure can rectify extreme white down payments.

FOAMING SYSTEMS: The change ought to be preserved roughly inch over the frothing rock to provide a consistent foam head. The air blade opening diameter must be between 1 and 1.5 mm and the distance from the fluxer to the air knife must be roughly 4 to 6 inches. The air knife ought to be tilted in between 5 to 12 degrees away from the foam wave to ensure that excess flux can be gotten rid of without ruining the foam head.

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