How To Select Ionised Air Gun

Ionised Air Gun neutralise static fees on a number of products and also surface areas with a constant flow of ionised pressed air. Ionised Air Gun assists stop dirt as well as dust particles from becoming re-attracted and maintains surface areas cleaner for longer. These air guns are a good way of neutralising fixed and also eliminating impurities from three dimensional components prior to setting up, paint, completing or packaging. Ionizing blow off guns are utilized in lots of industrial applications and markets such as paint shops, cars and truck manufacturing, and electronic industries. A vital attribute is the ergonomic style.

Ionisation Modern technology

Fixed electrical power occurs whenever electrically shielded materials move, scrub versus or different from each other. This happens especially in dry problems when fees which have built up can not discover a conducting path to the planet. The clean as well as dry conditions within a spray cubicle develop the ideal atmosphere for fixed to create in big amounts.

All products include positive and also unfavorable fees; these remain in the kind of favorable ions, unfavorable ions as well as neutral molecules. When 2 surface areas are brought together (as an example throughout the tacking procedure), surface area electrons are shared, leaving “patches” of positive and unfavorable static charge. In order for the surface to once more become neutral, positive and adverse Ionised Air Gun require to be introduced to the charged location. Positive neutralises unfavourably and also the other way around.


Stat-Gun uses a microprocessor to generate high voltage transferred through tungsten emitters, which in turn produce positive and also unfavorable ions. Air circulation is an integral part of the process enabling the ions created to travel swiftly and disperse equally over the charged area. Air motion also assists removal of contaminants formerly bonded by fixed cost. Specifically made for usage within a body shop, the brand-new modern Stat-Gun is


Battery Operated

Quick and easy to use

Fully ATEX approved for use in Course 1 Combustible environments

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