Working Process of Ion Bar – Advance Tech

1. Protect against array:  Ion Barwater therapy equipment changes the water fragments through more than DC7500V high pressure electrostatic area. Water dipole will certainly border the positive as well as negative ions. So the positive along with negative ions can stagnate and also position in positive as well as adverse order in catenulate kind. Favorable ions can not often have a tendency to pipeline the surface, which prevents calcium and also magnesium to array externally from the pipe. After that it does the outcome of preventing the variety.

2. Eliminate scale: Fixed power can ruin electric binding pressure which is amongst range ions. It changes the framework of crystal along with markets’ tough variety. What’s even more, it can improve the range in between dipole and boost the hydration capacity of getting in touch with salt ions to improve the melt rate. So the scale will certainly rust as well as likewise be off from the surface of the pipeline.

3. Descaling: rust variety is one kind of water range. It can clean up the rust range if it can clean water range.

4. Remove bacteria and algae:  Ion Bar can produce the energised oxygen “O2, OH-, H2O2” which can destroy the ion network of Organic and transform the living environment of microbial as well as additional algae.

5. Inhibit corrosion: Energetic oxygen can create Micro-membrane on the steel surface.

Ion bar Feature

1. High voltage

Voltage output is more than 7500V, the greatest possible worth can reach to 15000V.

2. Teflon shield gadget.

A. The  Ion Bar has a Teflon safeguard which can withstand 20000V. Insulation along with safety and security and also protection performance is outstanding

B. Teflon can quit edema and also contaminations soaking up on the probe. The probe can play fantastic results long lasting as well as likewise is very easy to clean.

3. Conicity threads web link as well as likewise uncomplicated installment

It’s convenient as well as low cost in Conicity thread web link compared to flange.

4. Import cable tv can withstand -40 ℃.

It can connect along with the seal well to protect the high pressure generator from remaining free from wetness along with rust gas worn away.

5. Safe: Although the ion bar voltage is high, the present is less than 1mA with no dielectric effect.

6. Long-lasting: Ion bars utilize the premium component. So the utilizing life can reach to 10-15 years

7. No chemical influence to water:  Ion Bar just result in physical not chemical function.

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