Soldering Robo and Its Benefits

A Soldering Robo is an absolutely computerized system that executes a designated task, set by a personalized program, with amazing precision as well as repeatability. Each joint might have its very own soldering account. Base robots use our 150 watt power supply with a premium thermal comments system. Nitrogen systems and additionally vision positioning might furthermore be included for the most hard solder applications.

Highest possible accuracy as well as superb integrity as a result of the tested Ersa i-CON technology in addition to the precise solder cable feeding

Enhanced efficiency because of the double cabinet system, which makes it possible for constant manufacturing

Achieves significant expenditure financial savings contrasted to hand soldering

Simple & instinctive shows

Complete traceability of the soldering process

Individual options for every little thing around robot soldering

– Analysis & assessment soldering, training

– Creation of tailored job surface service providers

– Solution & maintenance

– Online assistance


ROI – Advancetech provides the greatest worth in Soldering Robo. Customers usually see a ONE YEAR Roi!

Less Remodel – Once the soldering program is readied to the individual’s recommended quality degree, the robot will do its feature with specific similar means, whenever. By getting rid of human errors, clients can anticipate much less issues, leading to a lot less rework, as well as likewise a lot even more throughput.

Really Reliable – Robotic workstations call for a very little amount of driver participation after they have actually been placed in addition to set. In the majority of making settings, one driver can be in charge of packing, monitoring, and dumping 2 robotics. One skilled soldering expert can set multiple manufacturers, therefore, doing away with the expense of cutting-edge training for each and every and also every hand soldering driver. We additionally provide a Dual-Tip Soldering Robot reliable in soldering 2 joints at once.

Convenience – Virtually no job is also substantial, or as well small. Our systems are capable of HMP in addition to Lead-free soldering. Options consist of yet are not restricted to: Nitrogen Sleeves, Vision Advice, and Safety Enclosures. There is furthermore a large selection of Curling iron Pointer sizes and shapes. Customized fixtures for any kind of application are readily available for Soldering Robo!

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