Stencil Cleaner – Quickly Tidy Stubborn Solder Paste

Stencil Cleaner is a water based, neutral pH, and non-corrosive cleaner made to remove a large selection of solder pastes from SMT patterns as well as out of apertures. The stencil cleaner is likewise reliable in removing solder change, uncured adhesives as well as board misprints. It is intended for use in ultrasonic immersion and also spray in air pattern cleansing equipment.


Very good filterability which gives a lengthy bath life and also low bathroom maintenance price

Low odor as well as low frothing in stencil cleansing equipments

Water-based chemistry that is simple to rinse with deionized water

Cleans properly at reduced focus

It is risk-free for use with all steels, adhesives, mesh and plastics used in stencil manufacture, and also with motherboard materials

Improve print high quality and also repeatability

Stencil Cleaner is very important to preserve solder paste print top quality and repeatability. If solder paste deposits are left in the stencil apertures, they completely dry and also harden and also end up being really difficult to remove. When the Stencil Cleaner is utilized again, the print quality will be less than ideal. Appropriate cleaning of the pattern is critical to preserving top quality and repeatability in the print process.

NanoSlic Gold stencil coating has actually been thoroughly evaluated with it’s chemistry as well as has actually stood up to over expanded durations of cleansing cycles.

Depending on your manufacturing process needs, picking the very best pattern cleansing approach can be crucial. Whether it is hands-on (handwipe), on printer (under stencil clean) or an offline cleansing machine process it will certainly work with you to ensure you obtain the best solder print as well as positioning.

Ultrasonic pattern cleaning is among the favored methods for eliminating trace degrees of solder paste from pattern openings.

The under Stencil Cleaner process begins with a roll of coarse product that is utilized, as the name indicates, for cleaning throughout the bottom of the pattern as well as getting rid of soils.

solvent-based pattern cleansing fluid specifically developed to clean wet solder paste, SMT glue and change residue from stencils (traditional and also plastic pump), mis-printed PCBs, wave soldering pallets and also devices, components as well as mops.

Stencil Cleaner was specifically established to be compatible with irreversible stencils finishings such as NanoSlic. NanoSlic Gold is naturally chemically immune and will not be influenced by the huge bulk of business pattern cleaners. However there are some Stencil Cleaner on the market that have high pH which will certainly assault the layer gradually during ultrasonic cleansing.

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